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EDU-210 Competent Person Training (8 hrs) - $149

This 8-hour class is intended for those who are assigned by their employer to take on the responsibilities of performing workplace assessments of fall hazards, selecting and assessing the compatibility of fall protection equipment, managing the jobsite fall protection program, and ensuring rescue procedures are in place and applicable to the given environment.

Course Covers:

  • - OSHA/ANSI Regulations
  • - Understanding the Fall Protection Hierarchy
  • - Hazard identification/mitigation
  • - Equipment selection, inspection, and maintenance
  • - Anchors
  • - Harnesses
  • - Connectors
  • - Lanyards
  • - SRLs
  • - Guardrails
  • - HLL/VLL
  • - Fall Protection Plan
  • - Rescue Plan
  • - And much more!

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Spanish CP Training Rev C 1000eng

EDU-213 - Competent Person Training (8 HRS) - En Español - $149

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Fall Protection Awareness Online Training Course

EDU-211 Fall Protection Awareness (2 hrs) - $69

We are pleased to announce the addition of a Fall Protection Awareness class to our GFP Online Training Portal. Designed as an introduction to the basics of working in and around fall protection situations, this approximately 2-hour class gives the student a high-level overview on a wide range of information.

Course Covers:

  • - The ABCs of Fall Protection
  • - The Fall Protection Hierarchy
  • - OSHA/ANSI Key Concepts
  • - Inspection, Maintenance, and Storage
  • - And much more!

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